Molding is the most advantageous process for forming plastic parts when :

  • The quantity to be produced is low (from 10 to 500 units/year)

  • The parts feature intricate details and both thin and thick walls

  • The available tooling budget is limited

  • The design is subject to change regularly

  • The appearance of the product is important and must reflect its inherent qualities and superiority in the market

  • The profit generated by the sale of the product fully justifies the investment in the manufacture of its parts



From the reception of the 3D files, the production of the die, the mold and the first parts can be completed in 2 to 4 weeks.

Cost effective

Silicone molds are much less expensive than metal ones, but their lifespan is much shorter. However, this creates an alternative choice for short-series production.

Wide range of possible shapes and materials

Any part intended for injection molding can be produced in a silicone mold which facilitates demoulding and allows complex parts to be produced. The resins used in these molds tolerate variations in wall thickness, which greatly reduces the risk of sink marks.

Some meet the UL 94V-0 flammability standard or are FDA compliant. We invite you to consult our technical advisors to make the best choice.