An original design manufacturer (ODM) has the capabilities to design, develop, manufacture and sell products itself. Products manufactured by an ODM are often created as private label products and sold at a sizable profit margin.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a manufacturer that provides basic manufacturing services to help companies mass-produce products.

Our ODM Solution

We are experts in the design and manufacture of products: outdoor furniture, pool furniture, street furniture, lighting, pots and mood-creating objects. Our clients are North American retailers of modern design products.

Our ODM solution allows you to choose one of our new designs or work with our design team to create a completely original one that is perfectly aligned with your brand.

Our ODM clients avoid the direct costs of labor, design and manufacturing associated with complex product development and the production process, while benefiting from a high-quality and exclusive branded final product.


Our OEM Solution

We are experts in the short-run manufacturing of product components: electronic housings, vehicle body parts, lenses, specialized tools, etc. Our clients include innovative technology companies working in the medical, telecommunications, inspection, optics, simulation and transportation markets.

Our OEM solution allows you to get the components you envision, according to your specifications and quality standards. All you have to do is provide us with your part requirements and our experienced design and production team will take over.

The quality of our parts meets the expectations of the most demanding engineers and designers. Our processes make it possible to accelerate the presence of the product on the market while reducing the investment in the mold and offering a quality of finish worthy of high-tech products.


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